Pet Services


10,000 WAGS was voted Best in Taos for grooming for 2014, 2015 and 2016.   


For those of you with busy lives who feel that your dogs may not be getting all the exercise or attention they need, we offer affordable doggy day care. Day care dogs have the same fun as boarding dogs, but without medication, meals or a sleepover.

Here, dogs get to socialize and play with other dogs in our large fenced-in play areas. Non-compatible dogs can come and play individually as well. However, daycare is designed for dogs who get along with each other. If you are having some aggression issues, we will be happy to refer you to a trainer who specializes in aggression.

We have scheduled pick up and delivery daily on our Little Yellow School Bus (including the entire Enchanted Circle) or drop them off on your way to work and pick them up on your way home. After a long day you can relax with a dog who is as pooped as you are! The next day, you can return to work with comfort, knowing that your pup will be too tired to ransack the house while you're gone. That's a good thing.

We provide both full day and half day daycare for those dogs that could either use the additional exercise, grow their social skills or to simply give their guardians a day to take care of special appointments. Group play is offered for well socialized animals. Temperament testing is required in order for your pet to be included in group play.

Full Day Daycare or Day Boarding for Dogs Dropped Off: $28 for first dog and $22 for additional dogs in same family.
Full Day Daycare or Day Boarding Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00
1/2 Day Daycare or Day Boarding for Dogs Dropped Off: $15 per dog
1/2 Day Daycare or Day Boarding Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-1:00 or 12:00-5:00

Full Day Daycare or Day Boarding for Wags Bus Dogs: $38 for first dog and $28 for additional dogs in same family.
Ask for scheduled stops.

(Please note that due to the special demands of daycare the hours are strictly enforced. If a daycare guest is picked up or dropped off outside of the morning or afternoon hours full day rates will apply.)



We provide pickup and delivery service to or from 10,0000 Wags for boarding, grooming and daycare, or to ANY appointment your pet may have in the Taos area.

Rates: $1 a mile - $20 minimum
Wait time: $30 an hour - 15 minute increments


10,000 Wags will go to your home to check the well being of your dogs and/or cats. We will feed, water, clean litter boxes, let animals in or out or walk as necessary. Whatever needs you special pet may have we can accommodate.
Call us for availability and to determine you and your pets needs. Rates depending on plan.
Please remember we are licensed, insured and SAFE!


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