Canine guests are treated to luxury accommodations. All indoor/outdoor suites are large and sunny, warmed in the winter by in-floor radiant heat and cooled in the summer with a state-of-the-art cooling system. Each suite features a living room, covered outdoor patio and fenced backyard. All guests are provided with raised beds and comfy blankets while soothing music is played throughout the facility. Breakfast is served around 7am and dinner around 3pm.  Snacks and maid service are provided throughout the day. You may bring your own food from home or we can serve our high quality house food.


10,000 WAGS offers several large fenced play areas in addition to every dog's private run and ramadas and trees in all yards provide shade to keep all paws comfortable. Each dog will be exercised three times daily and additonal services such as Supervised Group Play, Walks and Fetch are available to keep your pups active and happy throughout their stay.





10,000 WAGS is proud to offer a designated "small dog only" boarding area for our guests that enjoy a little extra human attention and are able to socialize with other small dogs. Located off our lobby, the small dogs get to play together all day with staff supervision and interaction. Each has their own sleeping area with a bed and comfy blankets as well as access to an outside play yard specifically designed for them.

Immunizations Required for All Dogs:  Rabies, DHLPP/Parvo, Bordetella








Our cat condos are sunny and spacious and face large windows with strategically positioned bird feeders to entertain your kitty! Every condo has one side to sleep and eat in (including a comfy mat) and another side for litterbox activities. Each cat is allowed outside in the cattery to lounge in the sun, play with toys or exercise on the climbing tree. We spend time every day with each animal as they will allow!

Immunizations Required for All Cats: Rabies, FVRCP (Rcppn), Feline Leukemia


10,000 Wags Pet Resort & the Bow-WOW-Tique